Wednesday, 20 July 2011

News International Part Deux

So, not too wide of the mark with my predictions for the Select Committee hearing. Galling to see Labour's custard pie being gloated over in the opening editorial remarks by Nick Robinson of the impartial BBC. Haven't read Toynbee's take on it (to be transmitted from villa in Tuscany having watched on Sky dish), but I'm sure she'll feel that physically assaulting the 80-year-old defendant is a jolly good wheeze — spontaneous proletarian response and all that.

Listen, I want the culprits in this affair brought to book as much as anyone. The NOTW crimes have shamed my profession. But some of the questioning was shocking in its ineptitude. I'm no legal expert but to ask Rebekah Brooks (amid many other examples) "do you recall THE conversation with..." rather than "do you recall A conversation with..." is a very different and prejudicial thing, implying that she conveniently forgot a conversation that had actually taken place rather than whether said conversation had taken place to begin with. Very poor.

Bigger question. When did the Commons become the Judiciary? And... it simply beggars belief...  How the hell is Keith Vaz sitting in judgement?

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