Saturday, 12 November 2016

University of Gloucestershire Media Festival

Univ. of Gloucestershire Media Festival

Thanks again to the University of Gloucestershire Media Festival for granting me a platform for some hoary old Hollywood anecdotes on Nov 9. Gave talk followed by an on-camera interview (shown here) and a panel discussion about freelancing.  

Was great to catch up with my old pal Paul Wiltshire, Head of Journalism there. We both worked on the Aber student paper Courier back in the day. Hadn't seen him for 30+ years, a decade before the students were even born! Some good keen questions afterwards. It's a wonderful annual event they host there. We'd have killed for something like that back in our day.

Youtube footage here. Main talk 1.19.53, interview 2.11.42, panel discussion 2.19.30

Jonathan Dimblebly

Jonathan Dimbleby

Forgot to add this from the summer. Excellent evening at The Times hosting Q&A with Jonathan Dimbleby. Superb fellow, absolute gent, marvellous raconteur.