Monday, 25 July 2011

Clint Eastwood

I was talking about Clint to someone the other night and decided to post this. From The Guardian three years ago.

Proved to be quite controversial because of his remarks about Spike Lee. Prompted a war of words between them. Consequently this piece was quoted around the world — Huffington Post, the works. My fifteen minutes.

I had originally conducted the interview for The Sunday Times Culture section but, unbeknown to them, the ST Magazine had already bought in a Clint piece from French Vogue or Paris Match or somewhere, so I was free to sell it on. Frankly, they made the wrong choice. The ST's evident cock-up got Media Monkey-ed.

The Guardian edited out some of the irreverence, making Clint sound far more fierce and reactionary than he actually is... or far more off-message, as you might put it. Very engaging, friendly chap. Bloody love Clint.

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