Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Killing

How disappointed was I with the double-episode finale of The Killing? I never saw the Danish original and so went into this with eyes wide open. I rarely watch TV — not through choice, just no bloody time. A drama has to be exceptional for me to select it as something worthy of long-term commitment. This had seemed like it. Sadly, the show really took its foot off the gas with the penultimate week's episode. Just as the plot was boiling nicely, the makers, mystifyingly, decided to devote an entire instalment to Linden and Holder sitting in a car examining the fluff in their navels, whining about their lives. All tension was dissipated, the pace lost. By the time of the finale you were already playing catch-up with plot points previously teed-up and half-forgotten. The political storyline proved plain silly, ultimately. In my humble opinion...

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