Thursday, 14 February 2013

Kelly Reilly

A PR contract disallows from saying that I met a certain delightful, red-headed actress recently, but seeing as the interview has since appeared in The Sunday Times, I think you get the hint! Will post in full later.

I throughly enjoyed said actress' new film, Flight. One of the best I've seen for a while — totally unexpected in content and completely misrepresented by its trailer which, for bums-on-seats purposes, sells it as a plane crash movie rather than the story of a man (Denzel Washington) wrestling his Giant Haystacks-sized demons.

But why-oh-why the Shawshank-like confessional at the end? There were a couple of points prior to that where they could have stopped the film, leaving it with a far grittier conclusion. Hollywood, unfortunately, doesn't like moral ambiguity. Everything must be tied up in a big pink bow.

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  1. We picked up this DVD from the library mainly because we both enjoy Washington and like aircraft. But yes - spot on - it wasn't really a (only) plane crash FX movie. I was surprised by the excellent story and the persistent tension through the longish movie. The end - yes, but I guess but wasn't too concerned by this. What was omitted was the legal thriller about the airline and manufacturer ducking their responsibilities.

    And I was very impressed by the "unknown" southern beauty Kelly Reilly until I looked her up and then recognized her!