Monday, 7 May 2012

Idris Elba update

Haven't blogged for so long, have just gone back in to find Google have changed the set-up. Been busy. Last week wrote up Chris Hemsworth piece (interview done in LA, January) for Sunday Times Culture as well as interviewed George Lucas (a phoner).

Currently in LA. Have been in pursuit of Idris Elba. Venue had switched from Atlanta, to New York, then back to Atlanta again (where he lives and is currently shooting), then, at eleventh hour, LA. Twentieth Century Fox arranged (Prometheus out June 1). Finally caught up with the exceptionally easy-going chap at LA's Soho House yesterday.

Flying back this afternoon. Visiting legendary director Mr. William Friedkin (French Connection, The Exorcist) at his Bel Air home this morning to talk about Killer Joe (what with Lucas, that's two godfathers of 70s cinema within days). Swinging via Venice for a catch-up with pal Simon Mathew (who produced and co-directed Melvin Smarty). Having lunch with big-league producer friend of Simon's, very insightful fellow with whom we've been skype-ing re a potential new project.


  1. WENN excerpted your Lucas interview from behind the Sunday Times pay wall. I'd love to read the whole thing, could you post it when it's no longer on sale?

  2. Hi there. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I will post Lucas soon. I had a look at the WENN site. Looks like they've extracted a Lucas interview with Empire, although it would appear he said pretty similar stuff. No surprise.

  3. Excellent, thanks! Was in London last year and enjoyed the lively press scene, can't access it even by subscription from California unfortunately.